Heyo, I'm Scone and i really like art and comic books.

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queue is always running though i don't have a tag for it cause i'm a lazy shit

people that currently upset me: Dane Dehaan & Sebastian Stan

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!important dates!

2nd July - Honey's kittens were born

12th August - Results day

if you read through all of that you're hella rad and i wish you the best of days, stay awesome!

He [Jonathan] always knew you were meant for great things.

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Well, u’ve actually got a full view artwork from me@w@
i was made this for 團兵幸福委員會♥ ErwinxLevi Anthology
But since this art is too angst n tragic for the book, we decided to submit different eruri art~

So, yeah enjoy the eruri angst from me coz I loooveee the pain.
and it would be perfect if u listen to this too»> Sigur Rós - The Rains of Castamere, coz i was listening to that song on repeat when i’m making this art~:D


"Is it a boy or a girl?"

*sheds a single tear*


"It’s an American"

*bald eagle screeches in the distance*


Day 9: Hanging out with friends 

Simon Monroe (and Kieren) - 2.06



Fuck You All The Time Remix (Extended Cut)
Shlohmo & Jeremih - No More (12,568)


I wanna do dirty stuff with u like farming

me 2 


In honor of our undying love for In The Flesh I with the support of very wonderful In The Fleshers have decided to have an epic appreciation week! 

Taking place August 3rd - 9th join the undead in celebrating In the Flesh by creating edits/mixes/fanart/facfiction/ or simply join us in rambling about our favorite PDS Sufferers. 

Day One: Favorite Undead Character

Day Two: Favorite Episode

Day Three: Favorite Living Character

Day Four: Favorite Relationship (romantic or not)

Day Five: Favorite Scene

Day Six: Favorite Music Moment

Day Seven: Best Kieren Walker moment

All post related to In The Flesh Appreciation will be reblogged and shared so please use #Inthefleshappreciation or #itfappreciation so we can all keep track of your post! Also keep in the spirit by using #SaveInTheFlesh so we can keep our show alive. 

Thanks to everyone who decides to participate! I am really hoping this takes off but if not I will still be taking part all my own! Have fun! 

 I’ve a funny story of my own, actually. I rose from the dead and then, after that, I ripped people apart. - Kieren Walker

[Lawless is] a movie about moonshine, so if we didn’t do it, we wouldn’t be doing our work, right? But with purpose. I mean, it wasn’t—it wasn’t frivolous. It was for the movie, you know. 


when your friend stops replying


4 mira 




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